About Us

Forty years of knowledge in defense industries around the globe have contributed to SIGMENT’s cutting-edge plant which offers intelligent, creative design solutions in non-ferrous metals for designers, architects and other clients.


The plant was established by Albert Ben-Izri, and his nickname Dr. Metals has stuck  with him thanks to his many years of involvement in projects with the American army and the German army, whether in the air, land, or sea. Ben-Izri also worked with the IDF and was  involved in the development of the Dabur-class patrol boat for the Israeli navy. After 40 years, Ben-Izri,  who deep inside is really an artist, decided to leave behind that part of his life that  dealt with defense and security and combine his profound knowledge of metals with creativity and design.


The rest as they say is history. SIGMENT, in its new identity, has been operating for 15 years and is managed by Guy Ben-Izri, Albert’s son.


The plant handles many non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and aluminum and caters to some of Israel’s top architects and engineers.


SIGMENT’S projects are extremely diverse; the plant has catered to hotels, private homes and public buildings too. Since the plant specializes in combining traditional manufacturing techniques with advanced technology, it has been able to meticulously produce complex items such as many types of connectors, screws, nuts and bolts.


SIGMENT recognizes the  importance of the delicate relationship between the strength of a raw material and how it  translates into an optimized design item within a space. This approach offers an additional important layer to the final product, which is manufactured and designed out of love for raw materials, extensive knowledge and deep affinity to design and aesthetics, thus affording a multi-layered, soulful creation.


SIGMENT trades with the United States, France, Belgium and Sweden. The company’s vision: to lead in designing items in non-ferrous metals for architects and designers, to focus on the client’s needs and to develop a relationship based on attention and care. SIGMENT wishes to provide clients with a unique experience that combines professionalism and the accurate solution to requirements; to promote and cultivate technological resources alongside the core human resource while constantly aiming to encourage  innovation and creative thought via materials and technology.


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