Herods Hotel, Herzliya

Pivko Architects

An extremely complicated project that included 3 main procedures::

1. Elevator door covers and hidden door covers on each level and in public spaces – the elevators were covered with browned stainless steel which provided a brass-like appearance. Stainless steel was used as it comes in varied lengths, whereas brass is only available in smaller sizes and was therefore unsuitable for such a tall gate. Stainless steel also affords a harmonious, clean and smooth appearance also in connecting points and it is extremely hard-wearing. The work has been carried out with absolute precision and the meeting points with the ceiling and floor, as requested by the architect. In order to create a harmonious appearance, doors located next to the elevators were also covered, and are thus hidden, creating a balanced and congruous sequence.

2. Stainless steel railing for a spiral staircase – The challenge in producing a spiral rail was to continue the construction of the spiral concrete and to produce a matching hand rail. The rail thickness is 2mm and its radius is particularly broad. The entire rail is detached on all sides and therefore seemingly floats.

3. Brass Counter – a clean finish, smooth and a homogeneous appearance. Panels and many other details such as the bottom plates of the columns are also in brass.